Early Spring



Planted bulbs from White Flower Farm

Muscari “ocean magic”

Tulip “purissima blonde”

Daffodil “apricot whirl”


Pretty Little Things

pretty things in bloom. It’s been raining all week and this weekend we finally have some beautiful weather.

  • Created a pathway in middle of large bed with wood shavings
  • Transplanted a ring of hostas and dayliliies around a tree in front yard
  • Planted rosemary next to existing oregano
  • Created a small raised bed in front mulched area for a strawberry patch
  • Planted watermelon radishes
  • Transplanted Brussels sprouts seedlings
  • Planted arugula inside triangle of peas
  • Planted big Boston lettuce because blonde de cazard never sprouted (old seeds)
  • Planted sugar snap peas
  • Planted uncle Willy’s dry beans
  • Planted cantare beans
  • Sunflowers (moonwalker)

Edging on Easter

  • Edged front garden beds
  • Edged side veggie plot
  • Transplanted blueberry bushes (they weren’t performing where they were so hopefully they’ll do better in their new location. I may have traumatized them too much with the move, we’ll see.)
  • Divided a hydrangea that had separated on it’s own

Good Friday 

A day like today makes me wonder what I could ever complain about. Ever. 

  • Divided a ton of hostas and planted them in a neat row by the house
  • Divided and relocated Oriental poppy to flower bed
  • Divided and moved several sedum 
  • Relocated delphinium along fence
  • Edged front walkway
  • Planted variegated hostas, caladiums, and pink peony (roots)

Greens and peas

Sunny and beautiful today. Planted a variety of greens, shelling peas, and poppies. Also, soaked ‘painted lady’ sweet pea overnight and planted. Blacktail mountain watermelon and petite Gris canteloupe are soaking in a paper towel because they did not germinate in my seed starter trays. 

April Chores

  • ¬†Planted dhalias (black wizard, Rembrandt, brookside Cheri)
  • Planted rhubarb
  • Planted rainbow chard
  • Divided ornamental grass (huge ones)
  • Harvested daffodils for inside
  • Crocuses and other mixed spring bulbs blooming